Amelia Fey Parsons of True Fey Gaming

Hi, I'm Amelia Fey Parsons (She/Her). I'm a transfemme, pan lesbian, pagan, neurodivergent and disabled, and I'm a huge nerd.I make TTRPG content: both indie tabletop games and Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition homebrew. I also frequently post pics about my 2 dogs (Eris and Athena) on social media and gush about them constantly.I also do comissions for both D&D 5th edition homebrew and Poetry.Big fan of TTRPGs, Video Games, Anime, Comics, Cryptozoology, Occultism, and Poetry. Fan of Pokemon, D&D, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, World of Warcraft, FFXIV, Warhammer, My Hero Academia, Stranger Things, and more.Liberal, Leftist, trans rights, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-choice, pro-union, non-religious, black lives matter, defund the police, Feminist, disability rights. Anti-fascist, anti-bigot, anti-TERF, anti-ableist, anti-SWERF. My views and beliefs are both my own and that of my brand and I refuse to separate them.